Nick, Deb, Peyton, Quinn, and Laci D.

Dear Patrick,

Laci is a very loving dog. She is part of the family. Laci is so smart and we love her so much. She loves to stay right by us and would never take off running. We don’t even need to fence in our yard. We trained her to sit, shake, and drop.

As you can see from the picture she is very cute. She weighs 6 lbs and is very healthy. She is very sweet and loves to be playful. She is so funny when we take her for a walk. We don’t need a leash because she would never leave our side. She gets to a puddle and stops in her tracks and waits for someone to pick her up and carry her over the puddle. She doesn’t like to get dirty! As you can see, we have spoiled her!

Thank you for raising such a wonderful dog. We recommend you to everyone who falls in love with her, (which is a lot of people). She is so special to us. She is always full of excitement and loves to ride in the car. She almost never barks. Again, thank you.


Nick, Deb, Peyton, Quinn, and Laci D.
Urbandale, Iowa

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