Maltese & Morkie Puppies for Sale in Iowa

Welcome to Henry’s Maltese, Iowa Maltese breeders, the leading source of purebred, registered maltese puppies and morkies for sale in Iowa and the surrounding areas.  From our home to yours, make a beautiful, healthy maltese puppy or morkie puppy a lovable addition to your family.  Our Iowa maltese puppies and morkie puppies are raised on our acreage with our entire family.  Since we only raise a few maltese puppies and morkie puppies, all our puppies receive lots of love, attention, and socialization.  Our Iowa maltese puppies for sale and morkie puppies are raised under the direction of a veterinarian, so our maltese puppies and morkie puppies are guaranteed to be healthy when they leave our home.  To see pictures of our maltese puppies for sale or our morkie puppies for sale click on the Available Puppies page.  If you want to find out information on how to purchase a maltese puppy or morkie puppy, click on How To Purchase.  If your new to owning a little maltese puppy or morkie puppy, find tips and information on our New Owners Info page.  Lastly, see why people choose our Iowa raised maltese puppies and morkie puppies by checking out our Happy Customers page.  Thank you for visiting our web site and email or call us if you have any questions about our maltese or morkie puppies for sale.

We are excited to announce we now provide pet insurance to help cover the cost of your veterinary bills.  We are a licensed Pet Insurance Broker who works directly with insurance companies to provide insurance for your new puppy or any other puppy in your home.

Maltese & Morkie Puppies Vaccinations

Our Iowa raised maltese puppies and morkie puppies receive all their puppy shots and dewormings prior to leaving our home.   We have been trained by our veterinarian on the proper technique to administer vaccinations, so our puppies are vaccinated in a timely manor.  Our maltese puppies and morkie puppies are completely vaccinated and healthy when they arrive at their new home.  We provide the new owners with the dates the maltese and morkie puppies received their shots and dewormings.

Maltese & Morkie Puppies Nutrition

We feed our adult maltese food from the Diamond Company.  Our adult maltese receive a balanced diet using Diamond Naturals Mini Chunks, (chicken and rice).  We have found this to be a very high quality food recommended by many top veterinarians.   Our maltese like the taste of this quality food and they stay fit and healthy with food from the Diamond Natural Small Breed puppy food.  Our maltese puppies and morkie puppies receive small breed puppy food from the Diamond Company.  The Diamond Natural Small breed puppy food has a small kibble that our little Iowa raised maltese and morkies puppies enjoy eating.

Maltese & Morkie Puppies Birth

Since we only breed a few adult maltese, we can give our maltese mothers lots of special attention during birth.  We make the pregnant maltese mothers as comfortable as possible.  We are present at all times during the birthing process and assist the mothers when necessary.  All our maltese and morkie puppies are placed in an incubator for a few minutes after being born to help the puppies clear their lungs of any fluid and to assimilate a temperature controlled environment similar to prebirth.  This also helps the little maltese and morkie puppies adjust to their new world and then they are ready to receive their first nursing from their mother.  Again, since we only breed a few maltese we can give all our maltese and morkie puppies socialization from day one.  Our little puppies are handled daily so when they are ready to go to their new homes they are very social, playful, and full of energy.  We attempt to make the transition for our maltese and morkie puppies from our home to their new home as smooth as possible.  We typically do not let our puppies leave our home until they are 10 weeks old.  We have found the maltese and morkie puppies are generally a little stronger, eating better, and more resilient by waiting until they are 10 weeks old to transition into their new home.  We will send along with each maltese and teacup morkie in Iowa a puppy pack that contains a sample of the Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy Food along with some other information about caring for your new puppy.

Retired Maltese

Due to only breeding a few maltese, we become very attached to each of our moms and dads.  Occasionally we have an adult retired maltese or yorkie looking for a new home.  We want these adults placed into a loving home where they can enjoy the rest of their lives.  Ask if you are interested in adopting an adult maltese or yorkie.